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I am here to give you art at it's finest, creativity at it's best, and passion worth watching. Whether it be music, a music video, or a short film, I promise to challenge your brain in a special way that hopefully will impact you in a positive manner. I plan spread peace, hope, love, and faith through the messages in my artistry. I pray that you can receive them. ... more

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Track Name: The Delivery (Mirror Mirror Intro)
What does she see when she looks in the mirror?
Whatever it is I pray that soon her vision gets clearer
It seems to be blurred obscured
From reality
What does she see when she looks in the mirror?
I've wondered many many times
Does she see the loveliness of her soul?
Or does she simply see what she lacks?
Which is merely an illusion, trickery of the eye
Because the God that sits on high up above the sky
Made her with no imperfections.
However she was born into a world of full of evil and chaos
Thus she has sold bits and pieces of her being as a payoff
But the trade off isn't substantial in comparison to her original creation.
And ever since she's been falling into a pit of depression struggling to regain her previous elevation
Elevated to the pure and perfect state that she once was.
What does she see when she looks in the mirror?
She sees what she wants to be
But refuses to believe
She sees her value and strength but quickly loses sight of her worth because of physical distractions
Her attraction to the glam life has distorted her view of beauty.
The media has twisted her perception of what is real and what is artificial
Why strive to be like the girl in the magazine when God already molded you to be a queen?
Somewhere along the way, she has misplaced her self-esteem
And it's slowly drifting away downstream
Further and further down the stream of history
But all hope is not lost, and the secret to attaining your pride ladies is no mystery.
It starts with changing how you see your reflection.
You must first see yourself as you in your own skin without extra elements that you think complete you.
Makeup does not make up a part of who you are.
I say that again...
Makeup does not make up a part of who you are.
But your smile is part of who you are, so are the twinkling of your eyes, so is the hair that sits on your head, so is the myriad of vivid hues and colors of skin.
But you have to see more than just the outer appearance of a person to sincerely notice their beauty.
When you begin to recognize the intricate complexity and designed elegance of your spirit you have made strides towards grasping the true authenticity of your own beauty.
When you see yourself as God sees you, you accomplished something great.
Because when you look in the mirror from now on you should see a light beaming from your heart, illuminating an outlining glow that shines brighter than the stars.
You should see a crown of radiance glimmering above your head because you are a daughter of the King of the Kings.
Mirror Mirror
I am curious as to what she sees when she looks in the mirror now?
Track Name: Mirror Mirror [Prod. by Speakless]
I wonder what she sees when looks in the mirror? X2

I been thinkin bout you
You been on my mind
Last time we talked
You said your doin just fine
You ain't gotta lie
Hope you know I don't believe that
You hurtin girl and I can see that
Cryin your eyes out
All night
Just tryna find out if you're alright
So girl don't be so uptight
Cuz I care about your whereabouts
If you needa vent gone and air it out
All that pain inside your heart baby let's just tear it out

She should see a queen
She should see a queen
She should see all her goals
And all her dreams
She should see everything she wanna be
But sometimes when she look in that mirror she see a wanna be
But girl you're worth more than that
I know this to be a fact
I see confidence you lack
Don't be nervous just relax
God made you beautiful but guess you can't see that like cataracts
Just hold on
Girl be strong
Pain'll be gone before long
Track Name: Good Girl Gone Bad ft. John Givez
Collegiate girl from LA
Say she say wanna be an actress
She's talented and passionate
And she's too hot like matches
College life too easy she's tired of all practice
She wants the real thing she wanna chase her dreams
She's got spots marked on her atlas
She wanna go here and she wanna go there
House has gotta be a palace
She wants that private jet, that Louie purse and that status
Her ambition is attractive
Pray she doesn't get lost in the madness
Cuz the ending cud be tragic
If she ends up on a mattress
Track Name: Show Me Love (When I'm Small Remix)
Show me love show me love
Go ahead go ahead give my ego a lil rub
You know I need it
The quotas & standards I be busy tryna
Yo that's why I seek it
Stayin swagged out buyin the freshest clothes
Tryna have it made like a BET video
But see ive learn that ain't reality
And I was livin with wrong mentally
We hunger for love
& lust for attention
Desire affection
But hide our intentions
We all play make-up
And form a disguise
That's word to the wise
It's plain to see just open your eyes
We live life blind
To simply shield our hearts
From pain and despair
But they both play a part
Like co-stars on stage
But he frontin like actor
As if his emotions don't play a

Show me love show me love
Go ahead go ahead give my ego a little rub
You don't understand
It's tough bein a man in a society that commands and demands
That you sell your soul to be somebody
You gotta holla at ol girl
And pull young shawty
Gotta have nice kicks and a chain that's gotti
You driven by that Lambo and that Bentley and Bugatti
But see there's more to life no yolo
You better learn up homie you livin twice
Lookin for someone to love
I advice Christ
You lookin for someone to hold you
Well He holdin ya life
I hope you realize that real never lies
And once you stop lyin to yourself you'll be surprised
All ya gotta do is trust in Gods everlasting love He will supply

Show me love show me love girls
Go ahead give my ego a little rub I been
Swimming in women
They got my head spinning
I been wastin time sinnin
Thinkin I was duhhhh winnin
But nahh homie I been losin
Waltzin thru life I been cruisin
All the people I been usin
The bad decisions I been choosin
I gotta look up in the mirror that's the man that needs accusin
Ive done too much to be cool and who yo they want me to be
And That's a mockery
I am not a copy I am not rocky
Even though I fight like a champ and these haters cant stop me
And yo im not drake I'm not talib kweli
I am not PAC and homie I'm not biggie
I'm P.R.E.S.T.I.G.E. yo that's me
Shoutout to J.C. the one who shows me true L O V E
Track Name: Smile [Prod. by Carling Ruse]
You ain't gotta never ever wear Mac
Be yourself girl don't act
Don't pretend
Just relax
All you really gotta do is let God in
Know who are under that Letterman
Know when you cry like rain weatherman
Know that you need a better man
But you keep settlin for lesser than
Look girl don't do that to yourself
Nope be you beautiful uhh
Cuz you can't be nobody else
You are the best you around
And I know the world gone bring you down
But just keep that chin up high and let them pearly whites shine
Track Name: Let Me Take You Home Remix ft. Zachary Celaya
Hallelujah for the saved women 2x
That exhibition of ambition and intuition
She grown but still got swag
Ain't a student but you know she got class
Big heart real smart
See girl you blow my mind
You're way too fine and ya heart just shines
So I'm tryna get next to you
So if you're a 10 I'm tryna b a 9
But you're worth more than a number
I wanna be more than a lover
I wanna be your man forever and forever no others
She never bring drama, comma
You can my 1st Lady ill be Obama
Honeymoon in the Bahamas
You gotta meet my mama
Track Name: Trust Issues Remix [Prod. by Zuri Music]
Back in 08
Started lookin great
But I picked up a nasty addiction
Always runnin round runnin round
Chasin after the wrong women
They left some wounds oh left some scars
But I thought I was ok even when I went to far
Now is that a curse
Put up with everything just to make it work
You leave you fine but I'm hurt
Did me dirty so I feel like dirt
Not only did I lose you but I lost a little self-worth
So I'll now never trust a female
And now I'll always put myself first

Cut em tease em
Please em and leave em
Shoulda listened to your girlfriends when they said don't believe em
Stick to the facts
You should know that he don't get attached
Now you talkin bout you love me and I can't handle all that
I got trust issues mami
You got trust issues - I kno

Can we live in the present and leave the past
I know what I did before but can we let it pass
She say come on I don't really wanna do this no more we movin too fast
I don't wanna get my feelings crushed
I say hush hush
Girl yo skins so soft let me touch
Tell me to stop if I am doin too much
She never says no lookin in my eyes
So I just go
I think I lost my self-control

You don't really trust me no more you been keepin all them secrets
Guess you blind to the fact that I love you you can't really see it
And I tell her come on girl stop playin games you know you need it
But she in denial so this king is headed out like Cleveland
And I mean I mean you hate me for no reason
I be putting my feelings on the frontline but yo heart is steady retreatin
I been fightin this war for a while lately I been feelin defeated
And I been in a mission to love you girl and I plan to complete it
But I promise it never helps when you yellin at me crazy like I done cheated
I got a taste for your love but if you believe it you will never feed it
Readin my texts numbers of my ex gotcha heated
Sayin delete it
But regardless of them digits
Baby i promise you're my number one
Do I need to repeat it
We don't know what really got until its really gone
Or until somebody's smart enough to put it in a song
I been tellin you this for a while girl
I been here all along

But you got trust issues

I feel everybody at one point has had some kind of trust issue you know
Some that's happened in the past affecting the way we feel in the present
But sometimes we just gotta get over it and move on
Cuz it's for the best - feel me?
Track Name: Club Paradise Remix [Prod. by Austin Celaya]
She treat men like nail polish
She gotta switch up like every week
He gotta have nice smile and way with words but she rather not have him speak
Never too sweet a little rough around the edges
So she'll never shed a tear when she clicks delete
She say on that search for the ring like the miami heat
That's why she does it all again like repeat
I guess that's how she justifies all them lies from those guys tryna get between her thighs
Girl don't you realize you're being objectified
You don't want attention if it comes from being sexualized
When you look up in the mirror
I know you're feelin inferior
But don't judge yourself by other's criteria

She's so beautiful and she doesn't even know it
Tears in her eyes, pain inside but she'll never even show it
She's gotta be strong
Leave those who don't love you before you're left alone
Girl you're beautiful

But see she don't know and she probably never will
Unless her self esteem gets a refill
She'll never find it in a man
And I tried to explain but she'll never understand
Cuz she's blindfolded caught up in the media
Talkin bout her calorie count and wat they busy feedin ya?
Girl you should never worry bout none of that
You need a man who is staying not one who's coming back
Wouldn't you agree
He should never leave
He should be "committed" like a cappella melody
Never should have you go like Melanie
I've come to think that breaking hearts should be a felony
It's a crime of the heart
It's prime at the start it's good
But it's bad when two ppl break apart
It leads to the worst kind of misery
And usually given with the worst kind of delivery
Dang she been cheated on like Hilary
She's like Lord whatever happened to chivalry
She on her knees sayin God please delivery me
And then get to thinkin maybe it's really me
Nahh sweetie it's probably never you
It's just most of these dudes these days are just fools
When you look up in the mirror ya
I know you're feelin inferior
But don't judge yourself by other's criteria

Women are beautiful by their origination
They are by far God's most elegant creation
But this musta been lost in translation
Cuz when you cake up that make up you are just an imitation
Don't diss initial configuration
Rather learn to embrace it like integration
Time to be you here's your invitation
Go have a ball throw a party this the celebration
Today hooray
Let us celebrate the beauty that abides in your eyes
Your beauty that can rebel the sunrise
Track Name: Good Ones Go Remix ft. Chelsi Alexys
Young pretty girl with a brain and heart
Girl you so smart and intelligent
But she caught up in the world tryna stay relevant
So she's chasing these gangstas and thugs
Talkin bout God say I shudnt judge
And I'm simply tryna mix it up
Oh so when he hit you he just showin you love?
Nahh sweetie I think you got it confused
True love is never infused with some abuse
Chasing these men around like duck duck goose
A real man only needs one, one not two
Unless he talkin about a pair of kisses comin from his lady
The one he made Mrs before he had a baby
A man who's got a job and a house and a car
A man who loves God and is goin very far
You're a queen of the world girl don't you know
You're worth more than gold and worth more than clothes
He can't buy your heart, so don't sell your soul
Stop sellin yourself short and datin these midgets
You know he's only stickin around for late night visits
You say they same so if you don't see a difference
Don't waste your time by giving him your digits

You're just too good for that
You're just too good for that girl
{You have too much to offer)
Track Name: Resistance Remix [Prod. by JJ the Prodigy]
I wake up my phone reach for it
Hold up my phone it's gone
I look to my left
Hold up my computer gone its gone
My wallet is gone
My money is gone
My keys is gone
Everything is gone
I look to my right and now my girl is gone
She gone

It all started with my phone
I only got women in my call log
Somethin is wrong terribly wrong
Everything that I own and belong is all gone
I knew I shoulda deleted all them messages
I knew she wouldn't understand what the message is
She said you just preachin to the choir like reverend
I know yo cheatin ways will never end
But hold up lady without you I can't win
And I'm tryna get elected like the President
You can be my First Lady like Michelle and em
And lets not forget Ms Anna Eleanor and em
all them other girls baby I be ignoring them
The ins and outs of your heart I been explorin em
I know that your past was heavy
I know that your past was messy
But baby we goin steady
Don't leave me for somethin petty
Track Name: Gone with the Wind [Prod. Yao Ching]
I feel like Sometimes we kinda go after the wrong people
We put our time and our investments in them but they don't really love us at all

I been tryna make things right but lately i been yellin in the phone
Sayin I ain't never comin home
Well that's a lie and that's wrong
I'll be in the driveway in less than 20 minutes
You'll be outside sayin you are through and we finished
We used to cover up makeup every blemish
Yea we were string guess we lost the spinach
Now the fire in her eyes is burning down our village
We done made a mess again look at all the spillage
Strewn on the floor is a bunch of broken feelings
We do more damage to ourselves than some crooked villains
I am fightin for my hearts life I am here kneelin
Didn't mean literally that we should make a killin
Now the arguin and bickerin is startin to take toll with heavy burdens upon my soul
I told you I don't want no more lonely nights
But she couldn't hear too bad such is life

She didn't love me at all
She just love the way that I ball
She did not love me at all
Tell me 2x
Why she still call when she is gone
She is gone with the wind 7x

I met this new girl and the questions never why but always when
It seems that I am a loser I can never win
And she said baby look I need champione
Well does that mean that you are leaving me alone?
She said I don't I don't I don't really I don't really know
I just know I gotta go to that place where them lights glow
And where I never ever hear no
Kinda like Yes Man but baby that's a movie tho
I guess I need my life to be like a video
My whole life people told me I'm a pretty hoe
And guess what gold diggin only requires a shovel yo
And I said well with that I gotta letchu go
Track Name: DMT ft. Ashley Zerillo [Prod. by XXYYXX]
Love is not a game but we're always tryna play
Most women waste their love or throw it away
On a whim cuz of him and what he did
Pain too great and she ain't tryna relive
So she keep in her mind
But it penetrates her heart
The damage that he did has tainted her thoughts
Her perception of love has been torn apart
And now she don't never ever wanna restart
Unh, it's hard to recover
Pops is gone so she rely on her mother
Not interested in others
She put that make-up on but you know it's just a cover
It's a life-vest homie keep her from goin under
She got a pretty smile it just hides grief and pain
It's funny how a broken heart can drive people insane
Steal they joy peace and happiness
I know you're hurtin girl that's why I'm rappin this
But you ain't gotta hang your head low
Sometimes to get ahead you gotta let some people go
And that's no lie you too fly girl don't you cry over this guy and guy don't you ever shed a tear
Look lemme make it clear
You needa leave him if you're livin in fear
If he ain't treatin you right tell him to take a hike
Cuz if you don't he'll ruin ya life

I know you wanna escape
Well it's never too late
Girl you ain't wait
Just spread your wings and fly
Tell your past and your pains bye bye
Tell em adios it time to let em go
Holdin on to your fears will never help you grow
And I'm just here to let you know that you shine real bright like a light
I swear it's like you gotta glow
Set yourself from this slavery
You can be whatever you aim to be
I know it sounds crazy but it just take a little bravery
Don't let the world bring you down with its gravity
Don't trade your sexuality as a formality
Your morality is a umentally
And if you lose it that'll be a tradegy